So It Is Christmas?

1 For The Road

So it is Christmas, so commercial, the crowds, the travel, the unexpected visitors. But so is the life of Mary and Joseph, and all while Mary is expecting her first child.

The long trek to Bethlehem, to be assessed for some new government tax. And now, with so many other travelers, the hotels are full and the only place to stay is in the barn out back. No health insurance and no hospital, the baby will be born here in the manger.

A miraculous birth, filled with all the usual anticipation, anxiety and labor pains. He is born! The son that God promised, God in the flesh, Jesus the Emmanuel. So beautiful, so small, so helpless, the Creator of everything.

So who are these visitors who have come to disturb our quiet, our rest? These strangers, these shepherds, these wide eyed exuberant boys.

It is Christmas, so commercial, the travel, the unexpected visitors. It is Christmas! Glorious…

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