Turning Right



I saw it blink, out of the corner of my eye, what was wrong with my vehicle now? Looking down at the dash I noticed it was just my right turn signal flashing out its’ repetitious warning. How long had it been blinking? I had been going straight for a long time, why was the turn signal blinking right? Had I bumped the turn signal lever by mistake? Maybe it just didn’t cancel after my last right turn. Or maybe, just maybe, it was a sign, a nudge.

Just up ahead on the right was that road that had caught my attention on several occasions, almost as if it was calling out to me. I had often thought about exploring that road, but it was a little out of the way and there was always a reason to hurry home. Could this be some exciting adventure, it was an intriguing idea. I had prayed for direction, for guidance, for a leading.  Could it be a sign, a sign leading me back to those promptings to explore the road on the right? If I turned right would it be something of significance or just a waste of time? But then, what would it cost me to find out, a few moments of my time.  Perhaps this could be some significant new point in my life, an adventure, a leading.

All I know is that, tonight, I’m turning right.

So It Is Christmas?

So it is Christmas, so commercial, the crowds, the travel, the unexpected visitors. But so is the life of Mary and Joseph, and all while Mary is expecting her first child.

The long trek to Bethlehem, to be assessed for some new government tax. And now, with so many other travelers, the hotels are full and the only place to stay is in the barn out back. No health insurance and no hospital, the baby will be born here in the manger.

A miraculous birth, filled with all the usual anticipation, anxiety and labor pains. He is born! The son that God promised, God in the flesh, Jesus the Emmanuel. So beautiful, so small, so helpless, the Creator of everything.

So who are these visitors who have come to disturb our quiet, our rest? These strangers, these shepherds, these wide eyed exuberant boys.

It is Christmas, so commercial, the travel, the unexpected visitors. It is Christmas! Glorious Christmas!