Getting up each day to face our responsibilities to our families, our jobs, and our lives in general, we sometimes lose sight of the battle that is raging around us. Lost in the confusion of life in the twenty first century, life that is time consuming and energy draining, the battle drifts to the back of our mind, while seemingly more pressing issues concerning our personal lives become the priority.

Our responsibility to be totally responsive to our Father’s directives is of the utmost importance if we are to regain territory from the enemy before it is lost forever. As time goes on it is also running out; lives not reached today may never be reached. We, as soldiers, must not entangle ourselves with the affairs of this world if we are going to be of greatest effect. We must remember, that the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God, and so it ought to be with us. We are involved in a life and death struggle: the stakes are high, the battle fierce, and so we must fight.

Our enemy’s greatest concern is that we would be awakened to this reality, so he is constantly devising methods of occupying our time elsewhere. Thus the cares of this life persist, demanding time and attention. Family matter after family matter, possession after possession,…till like a faintly remembered dream, the battle no longer constrains us. The deception goes on and on and …

The Answer

Hidden among the voices, is the answer to my prayer.

But like the wind around me, I ‘m not really sure.

I believe there is a purpose, a reason for my life.

Someday I’m sure I’ll know it, at least I hope I’m right.

I’ve got a plan, a book to write, some people I should see.

 I think I’ll sit,  and rest awhile, and see what’s on T.V..

I feel a gentle tugging, at my heart as I sit here.

There’s a business opportunity, a mission to explore,

an old broken relationship ready to restore.

Hidden among the voices is the answer to my prayer,

but like the wind around me, it is easy to ignore.