AH… the meaning of life!

As I reconnect with old friends from my past, I find it interesting to observe how we have and haven’t changed. Do those who once commanded awe and admiration still hold us in their spell. Has the basketball star become fat and bald?  Are the rich and famous still rich and famous?  It makes me wonder what motivated me to decide what was and wasn’t important to me. 

 For some, it would seem, started out well and never recovered.  And others are still searching to find out what it is that defines success and failure.  Some are driven by an increasingly unattainable objective of money, fame, or personal achievement.  And if we are going to spend our lives on these things, the question becomes,” who is keeping score?”.   If it is to be left to those who come after us, it is small consolation, we will be gone.  If it is based on who has the most stuff, there can only be one winner, and then he or she is gone.

  To spend our whole life on the pursuit of some poorly defined objective, and then not to be able to enjoy it in the end seems foolish to me. And yet everything we do in our life is defined, to some degree, by that objective.  It would be maddening if it were not for the fact that there is a much simpler, clearer, more defined objective. 

 We were created for His pleasure.  We were created to please God.  The issue then is not about whether I was a garbage collector, teacher, or soldier.  It’s not about whether I made more money or had more possessions then the guy down the street.  It’s not even about whether I put work before family and friends, or family and friends before work.  It is about trusting Him as He leads me. Trusting that He knows better than I.  That is the meaning of life.

Revelation 4:11  Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.


4 thoughts on “AH… the meaning of life!

  1. Dear Pastor , Loving greetings in Jesus nae , I am Pastor Laxman David Moses from north India , Reaching the unreaced people group of Himalayan s last 26 years through Church planting in 13 dist of Uttarakhand helping 13 co-workers & through sewing & computer & through Mini Bible School & Helping the poor Children s & family through food & cloth &I am not having lot of support for this ministry therefore I am asking you to be apart of this ministry once I already Visited Canada , I would Like to Visit you also for that I need your Invitation & recommendation letter for me to get Via , I am in a need of Partnership , I need you & your prayer & support , I would like to invite you to be a part of this ministry let us reach to gather
    I need you & your Prayer & support , God Bless you & use you there & here I would Like to Invite you also You are most welcome to bring Mission trip team to hear , I would like to her from your heart ,
    In His Harvest
    With Love & prayer
    Pastor Laxman Dvaid Moses
    Almora Shalom Church ,
    Hiradungri NTD
    Uttarakhand( State)
    , jivitasha@gmail.com


    • We are honoured to pray for you and the work that God is doing through you in India. Please send us your prayer requests so that we can pray for God’s direction and provision!


      • Dear Friends & prayer Partners , Thank you very much for your prayer for me & this ministry here in Uttarakhand State,Northan Part of India , I need you & your Prayer & support for this ministry , I am supporting 13 Co-workers in this area every one need every month 100$ & We are having poor Childrens ministry also providing food & cloth to the Childrens & the Poor Family , Please pray for my wife she had a Breast cancer in the year of 2010 , Still she is taking Medichine & still she is feeling pain & restless in her body ,I am spending lot of money for her Please pray let God supply all my needs .


  2. Excellent points! Change is constant and the question is, am I changing for the better? We were created to please him and yet so many little things trip us up if we aren’t prepared! That’s why I believe we should be grounded in the Word, so the Holy Spirit can bring those strengthening verses to mind to overcome temptation.1 Corinthians 10:13, “Provide a way of escape” I am constantly amazed how can so many Christians who are otherwise so devout make something as simple as ‘Oreo cookies’ an idol?

    I am so grateful you found my blog because now I’ve found yours, thank you!


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